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Wild Munki Mojo Hot Sauce

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Made with Munkijo raw and organic coconut vinegar, each bite bursts with flavor and coconut goodness. No added sugars! A wonderfully spicy compliment to just about anything you can imagine with Wild Munki Mojo Hot Sauce. 

Use Wild Munki Mojo Hot Sauce in place of any hot sauce for a new tasty twist: from popcorn and chips to all meats, vegetables and seafood. Can also be used as a salad dressing or marinade.

Bottle Size: 1.75" X 1.75" X 6.75" Contains 5 OZ

•  Certified Organic  •  No preservatives or additives  •  Naturally low-glycemic  •  Paleo-friendly  •  Gluten-free  •  Vegan  •  Kosher   •   Non-GMO