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About us

Fun and playful, yet completely serious when it comes to all-natural quality.

Contemporary and forward-looking, yet deeply rooted in history and tradition.

Welcome to Munkijo – your passport to authentic coconut goodness!

How Munkijo "Rose" Through the Generations

Rose Sisante - Munkijo - Organic Coconut Products

Getting to know the Munkijo brand means taking a journey both across the world and across time to meet a delightfully adventurous Filipino girl named Rose Sisante. It’s the early 1960’s, and Rose is happily spending summers and holidays on her family’s coconut farm in the province of Quezon, the coconut capital of the Philippines.

Here, young Rose is learning firsthand the seemingly endless ways all parts of the coconut tree can be utilized in daily life while being inspired every day by the pride and passion her beloved uncle and his team of farmers put into their demanding, yet rewarding work.

Flash forward six decades and Rose (joined by her husband Sonny) is today applying that very same level of pride and passion to the fast-growing, award-winning Munkijo brand.

As Rose likes to say, “At Munkijo, our commitment to quality comes as naturally as our coconuts – a commitment not only to offer the widest possible range of natural coconut products, but to honor the rich heritage of our family and all the other dedicated farmers who have been making the Philippines a bastion of coconut excellence and sustainable stewardship for generations.”

Cracking Open The Boundless Potential Of Coconuts

Offering only products that are pure and superior, Munkijo utilizes production processes that are proven to be best for our customers’ health and our farmers’ quality of life. Our organic virgin coconut oil, for example, uses the centrifuge process rather than the quicker and more profitable expeller process many other brands employ; and our unique coconut briquettes burn cleaner than the charcoal variety.

What’s more, none of Munkijo’s products are adulterated, which is why our organic coconut sugar and organic coconut nectar are so much better in terms of taste and quality. In other words: no shortcuts, no compromises and no question you are getting the absolute best coconut products available on the planet today.

Thank you for visiting our site and trying our authentically delicious and nutritious coconut items. We look forward to bringing you many more exciting coconut-based products over the years ahead and are delighted to welcome you to the Munkijo family.