Organic Coconut Aminos

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Munkijo Organic Coconut Aminos is a healthy, lighter low-sodium alternative to soy sauce or tamari. This salty, savory seasoning sauce is made from the fermented sap of coconut palm and sea salt, and will uniquely enhance the flavor and nutrition of your next recipe. 
Use on stir-frys, salads, or any dish that needs a savory kick, with essential nutrients to boot! 
Bottle Size: 1.78" X 1.78" X 9.25" Contains 11.6 OZ
• Certified Organic  •  No preservatives or additives  •  Naturally low-glycemic
•  Paleo-friendly  •  Gluten-free  •  Vegan  •  Kosher   •   Non-GMO    •   Rich in Lauric Acid   •  Low in Calories  •  Contains Medium-chain Fatty Acids   •  Cholesterol-free